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The number of electric scooters pushing the limits in terms of carrying capacity and range.

High-capacity TEVI Electric Scooters are built to exceed limits.

The standard model has a range of 72 km on a single charge.

Speed is limited to 21 km/h.

It is solid, balanced and reliable thanks to its solid steel body.

With its 150 kg driving load, 3 kg front and 30 kg rear crate carrying capacity, it can carry loads of loads.

Model S 48/RLB
Voltage (V) 48
Dimensions (mm) 670 x 1035 x 1250
Loading (mm) 400 x 600
Ground Clearance (mm) 50
Front / Rear Wheel Size 3,00-10
Speed (km/s) 21
Gradient 5%
Max Payload (kg) 150
Battery (A/h) 48,20
Range (km) 72
Motor (W) 500
LED Head & Rear
Reverse Gear Yes
Brakes Head & Rear