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TEVI M Series was developed for Electric Attractors, Terminal Services and internal logistics applications.

It is now easier to manage handling processes with 1 tonne load capacity, 10 km range, narrow area maneuverability. Thanks to the universal flange developed for many types of connections; In-terminal luggage trolley transfer, transport of industrial operation parts, Ecza Warehouse and Laboratory Services, International and national air mail transport, It is used in production and warehouse management processes. Compact and seat design, it provides driving comfort. It is suitable for use in narrow and long corridors. With its stepping feature, the vehicle-trailer connection is made easy and safe. With the steel body, it is strong and the environment is friendly with being electric. LED daytime running lights are an added plus feature in that the vehicle is always visible. With the digital front panel you will need the driving information (battery charge, speed, distance / hour display) It is reflected.

Technical Data N 236
Type Electric
Voltage (V) 36
Speed(kh/h) 10
Range  15
Load Capacity (kg) 200
Turning Radius(cm) 180
Max. Tow. Capacity(kg) 1000